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Ponuky pre študentov





Hang out with .... Amazon!

Age: 15+

Venue: our school

A series of lectures by Amazon relating to maturita topics and the company's policy.

Starting: 30 January 2018

Lecture 2:  27 March 2018     2pm        cca 45 - 60 mins

          Jobs and Employment
            *  curriculum vitae
            *  qualifications
            *   interview


Lecture 1:  30 January 2018     2pm

Company culture and its specifics (mission, dynamics, innovations,…)

-            1 exercise focused on vocabulary related to company culture

-            1 exercise focused on understanding of company values

-            Q & A, free discussion

Žiadame Vás o prihlásenie sa cez nasledujúci formulár.  Počet osôb je obmedzený.



Hack to London

Age: 16+

Deadline: 12 February 2018

The Second Annual Central European Conference organized by University of London Union Czech & Slovak Society aims to bring together Czech and Slovak students and professionals in London as well as any students interested in the region and provide a platform for discussion about key topics, challenges and opportunities that will transform the region in near future. Participants will have an opportunity to hear from and network with academics, public figures from the region and professionals from many fields with the view of uncovering how these challenges can be tackled and opportunities ceased.

Further information: poster_hacktolondon.01.pdf

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Benjamin Franklin Transantlantic Fellows Summer Institute

Age: 16 - 18

Deadline: 16 February 2018

The Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship is an intensive short-term exchange program, created to foster relationships among young Europeans and Americans to build strong linkages and awareness of shared values.  The four week program will enable teenagers, ages 16-18, to explore U.S. foreign policy priorities such as youth engagement, support for democracy and civil society, and economic prosperity.  

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